Thursday, November 20, 2008

Torrent Link: Galawgaw (1982)

Galawgaw (1982)

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DVDRip, Recoded to 685MB, English Softsub
Video: DivX, 624x464, Watermarked
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Director: Ishmael Bernal
Cast: Maricel Soriano, William Martinez

Love always comes as a surprise.

Maricel Soriano plays the role of Olga, a sharp-witted and feisty tricycle driver who seems to have finally met her match – a match in love. When the rich and charming Truman (William Martinez) accidentally bumps into Olga’s tricycle, love sparks instantly flew upon his first sight of her. What follows next is a series of hilarious and romantically charged events as Truman moonlights as a taho vendor in order to win Olga’s heart.