Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Facts


Please see text list at A comprehensive list with corresponding price per title may be sent to you upon request


For DVD title having 1 disc, PhP 40.00 (unless stated otherwise)
For DVD titles with 2 or more discs, PhP 40.00 per disc (unless stated otherwise)


Five (5) Titles (Quezon City)


Through e-mail ( or SMS (will be given after your first order)


Saturday and Sunday afternoon only


Quezon City (UP Diliman, Anonas LRT Station, or Cubao area) and/or may depend upon agreed location.


The same as the original source

Compatibility of Players

Our titles could be played in any DVD player. They are also PC compatible.

Be reminded though that there are BRANDED players which don't read DVD-Rs. Players like JVC, Panasonic, and Sony fall through this. If this happens or the disc skips in your player, play the disc in your computer. If they play well, then your player is not compatible. We are not responsible for it anymore. (However, we do make it a point that we use good-quality discs that are compatible with most players.) Most players of year 2000 above models will likely be compatible with our discs, especially the generic ones.

If the PC doesn't read the discs still or they skip while playing in the PC, then the problem lies in our discs. Let us know about it and we'll replace them.

Replacement of Defective CDs

If there would be problems with the copies (either they don’t play or they skip in certain portions of the film), let us know through SMS. We'll replace the copies as soon as possible. Just give us enough time to process them.

DVD Format

Approximately 70% of what's in this list is ripped from original video release. Those ripped from video release source come with accurate subs and special features. The remaining 30% also come with good subtitles and oftentimes special features. These are ripped from good quality P-DVDs sourced from Quiapo, MCS, and similar DVD markets.

All items are ripped to DVD5 format (DVD-Rs) and packed in plastic DVD sleeves.

The DVD-R discs may vary depending on the market availability of quality discs. Nevertheless, we assure you that all our DVD titles will be ripped to similar quality DVD-Rs.